Murphy Beds in Phoenix | Comfortable, Supportive Sleep Option

Have you ever felt embarrassed about not having a room dedicated to hosting guests? It can be a bit humiliating to have to put guests on an uncomfortable pull-out sofa or air mattress. Similarly, it can really cramp your style and be a bit awkward for all involved to give up your own bed.

At Dream Closets, we have an answer! We can install an attractive, comfortable Murphy bed, which is also called a wall bed, to be a soft, comfortable landing spot for your overnight visitors. By day, your wall bed will be a beautiful storage unit. By night, however, you can pull down the bed in a matter of seconds and save your pride and your guest’s back!

So Many Uses for Your Wall Bed! 

If you don’t frequently have overnight guests, don’t be too quick to write off your need for a Murphy bed. Consider these scenarios that might make such a sleeping accommodations extremely convenient:

  • One of your children is ill and, while you would like to stay close, you don’t want to bring him or her into your own bed. In this situation, a Murphy bed is the perfect place for both of you to crash for the night.
  • You have a party and one of your guests is not fit to drive home. Rather than try to convince him or her to sleep on your couch, you now have an appealing and comfortable place to offer your visitor to spend the evening.
  • An adult child needs to spend a month living in your home while his or her new house is being finished.
  • You really want to turn your college student’s bedroom into a craft or exercise room, but where will your child sleep when returning home for holidays or for the summer?

A pull-down bed can be placed in the den, library, spare bedroom, home office...the possibilities are just about endless!

If you are ready to upgrade your guest quarters by having a wall bed installed, please call Dream Closets today. Remember that your consultation appointment is always FREE, and you’ll get a good idea of what your new Murphy bed will look like and where it can be installed. Call today!