Optimize Storage & Defeat Clutter with Custom Garage | Phoenix

Are you ready to take charge of your garage? Across Arizona, there are homeowners just like you who have garages but park their cars in the driveway or the road, under the hot sun. Or maybe they barely squeeze their cars into this space, hoping every day that no one will accidentally knock over a bicycle or walk past the car with a tool in hand, scratching the paint.

Other homeowners find that it’s just about impossible for them to consider adding anything more to their current garage storage situation. The typical garage might be about 400 square feet, but that’s not infinite space to store everything you might possibly want to.

At Dream Closets, we can change all of that. From top-quality garage organizers to professional design and installation services, you will find that our garages are heads and shoulders above the rest.

Fully Customized Garage Organizers Create Miracles

The garage designers at Dream Closets can work a modern-day miracle in your garage. From top to bottom, your custom garage will have every inch of space maximized. You’ll be able to store more items than you dreamed possible, simply because we have both the garage organizers and the expertise necessary to create unique, innovative garage storage solutions.

Some of the ways that we can increase space in your garage include:

  • Garage Cabinets

    These are sturdy, functional and, best of all, beautiful. Details include smoothly opening doors with hidden hinges, wall mountings and thick shelves that bear 100 lbs each. They come in many finishes, including those that are powder-coated, wood-grain, metallic and matte.

  • Garage Workbenches

    These offer another possibility when considering garage storage cabinets. In addition to the drawers and cabinet doors, they also feature smooth worktops in three shades: Ebony Star, Butcher Block and Stainless Steel. These also make great tool cabinets!

  • Overhead Storage

    Racks placed close to the ceiling offer more storage space than you might have considered. Hang your bicycle and keep it out of the way, or use this space for seasonal decorations, extra books, and anything else you can think of.

  • Wall Racks

    Use our slatwall system to hold a variety of garage shelving, bins, racks, hooks and more. Garage organization never looked so good, or made better use of space!

Are You Ready for an Organized Garage?

The time to take advantage of the opportunity to get organized is now. If you have been considering a built-in custom storage system, Dream Closets is happy to offer you a no-cost, no obligation consultation. We want to help you achieve your dreams of a custom garage. From your first consultation to your final installation, your satisfaction is our priority. Call now to schedule your in-home appointment and get the ball rolling!