Maximizing Your Garage Storage Space In 6 Steps

Maximizing Your Garage Storage Space In 6 Steps

Organized Custom Garage System

Your garage is probably one of the largest spaces in your home for storage, yet it is most likely the most cluttered and underutilized area. Maximizing and expanding your garage storage space does not have to be a daunting task and the following six steps will help you become a pro at storage solutions for your garage. From wire racks, shelving, and built-in cabinets to workbenches and overhead storage - follow these  guidelines for your very own custom garage with maximized storage solutions. 

  • Step One: Clean Out the Clutter
  • Step Two: Clean Sweep from Garage Floor to Ceiling
  • Step Three: Think Up
  • Step Four: Garage Storage Walls Save Space
  • Step Five: Quit Monkeying Around - Get The Garage Organized
  • Step Six: Make It Work with a Custom Workbench​

One of the best parts of organizing and creating storage solutions in your garage is the fact that you can customize your space any way you choose and there are no rules to how your garage should look - it’s totally up to you. Think about your garage organization from the ground up; no space is safe when it comes to storage solutions and you are the hero in this story! These six steps will help you declutter, organize, add shelving, and bring your garage storage system to new heights (think floor to ceiling shelves and use of overhead bins)! Remember, there is no space too big or small for garage storage solutions!

Step One: Clear Out the Clutter

No garage is the same and organizing a garage is definitely not a one-size-fits-all project. One of the first steps in getting your garage space organized is to clear out the clutter. Utilize your driveway to make a sorting area for decluttering your garage. Make piles where you pair similar items  together, to make garage storage stations; sports gear, tools, fishing supplies, car cleaning products, painting supplies, and other household items can be grouped separately to give you a better idea of what you have and what should be organized together in groups. Once you have sorted your items into organized  piles, you will have a better idea of what you have and what type of garage storage solutions you need.

Step Two: A Clean Sweep from Garage Floor to Ceiling

Broom in a Garage

Since all of your items are organized into sorted piles- it’s a good time to clean the garage floor and dust off any current garage shelving and storage areas you may have. Start from the ceiling and work your way down. Clear out the cobwebs, sweep off garage shelves and then get to the floor. If you have an epoxy garage floor, you can mop it or spray it out with the hose to get that extra clean look. Starting with a clean space is always the number one place to start when organizing anything in your home!

Step Three: Think Up

There is an array of diverse garage storage solutions to pick when it comes to overhead storage. You can create a garage ceiling track system for labeled Tupperware bins with a few 2x2’s by attaching them to your ceiling frame, so the bins easily slide in and out. Custom garages oftentimes have garage cabinets and shelves that can be fit as floor to ceiling storage for your garage. Just remember to think upwards when you begin organizing and storing your least-used items the highest with your more used items at eye level. High shelves and garage cabinets are perfect for seasonal items, holiday decorations, and long-term storage items.

Step Four: Garage Storage Walls Save Space

Custom Garage Wall Storage System

Utilizing your garage walls as storage space is one of the simplest and smartest ways to get organized and uncluttered. Custom garage storage solutions vary from garage shelves, cabinets, garage storage hooks, baskets, and more. These vertical storage solutions for your garage can be arranged and rearranged in hundreds of ways - the choice is yours. Adding a slatwall or perhaps a foldable workbench if you’re the tinkering type are two options. If you are a yard warrior on the weekend - heavy-duty garage hooks allow you to hang everything from rakes and shovels to wheelbarrows and edgers. Dedicate one wall of your garage to a diverse group of garage storage items; add in garage shelves, hooks, and cabinets, along with a  workbench, to get things out of bins and into your sight and reach!

Step Five: Quit Monkeying Around - Get The Garage Organized

Monkey Bars are a great option for off the floor garage storage. Made from heavy-duty steel, Monkey Bar storage systems are perfect for holding heavy loads and are built tough for all your space-saving needs. Hooks and bar systems can be modified to fit your personalized storage demands. Modification to this storage system is a great perk because as your needs change, your Monkey bar system can change with you. 

Step Six: Make It Work with a Custom Workbench

Custom Garage Workbench

A custom workbench is useful to any home improvement aficionado that uses their garage for projects, storage, and their cars. Having a well-equipped workbench that is custom to fit your garage organization system will help you keep your most used tools in an easily accessible place. A custom workbench can have built-in shelves and cabinet space for your tools - so you have everything in one organized place when you need to start your next home improvement project. Fix, build and tinker away!

Don’t Get Discouraged with Your Garage Storage!

Organizing the garage is a big task, but the six steps above will assist you in getting organized, master the clutter and ultimately maximize your garage storage space. Remember to take as much time as you need to complete each step. Clear out the clutter, clean, add overhead storage, go vertical with garage shelves and cabinets, attach a customizable garage Monkey Bar system, etc. It’s a great start to getting organized and you’ll be enjoying a more organized garage in less than a weekend! 

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