How to Tidy Up Your Garage With a Slatwall Storage System

How to Tidy Up Your Garage With a Slatwall Storage System

Slatwall Garage Organizer System

With room for tools, hobbies, and a place to keep vehicles safe, a garage is like a second home attached to your house. Despite this, the battle to organize your garage can seem unwinnable. Looking for a cure-all? Slatwall storage systems take the scrutiny out of overhauling your garage area.

You can straighten up your garage storage with a Slatwall storage system in three steps:

  • Learn about Slatwall’s advantages to your garage.
  • Consider specific differences like compatibility, durability, and material.
  • Familiarize yourself with must-have accessories to use with your Slatwall system.

In this article, follow a basic three-step process to shape up your garage with a Slatwall system.

Understanding Slatwall’s Advantages

When looking for ways to fix up a disorderly garage, Slatwall is a valuable and stress-free option. A pegboard wall may save you a few dollars up front, but they aren’t known as a long-term safekeeping solution. Eventually, pegboards fall apart and won't protect your tools.

Slatwall storage is a panelling system you install onto garage drywall. Garage Transformed notes Slatwall's horizontal grooves between panels allow flexible storage options. Slatwall systems are versatile and grow with your storage collection.

Slatwall’s durability saves you potential expenses from missing tools and damaged equipment. Lifting equipment off the ground and onto panels extends the life of your gear. It also creates more free space around your vehicle, making your garage safer.

With a clear layout you design, Slatwall’s clean look brightens up your space.

Specific Slatwall Differences to Consider

It’s important to understand that Slatwall vendors vary across the industry.Keep comparison research in mind before committing to a brand. 

Your preferred Slatwall material and inserts should also be durable. Slatwall systems manufactured from steel & PVC are two of the top material choices on the market.  

Garage Transformed recommends choosing a vendor who uses heavy-duty panel inserts. Even weight distribution on your Slatwall panels will allow for more storage.

Must-Have Slatwall Accessories

You’ll thank yourself early on if you don’t skimp on Slatwall accessories. Track down three main Slatwall fixtures: industrial and deep utility hooks, tool organizers, and baskets.

Industrial Hooks

Bicycle Rack Slatwall Accessory

Keep bulky recreational equipment away from your vehicle on industrial hooks. These hooks do the heavy lifting for materials like lumber, tires, canoes, and kayaks.

Deep Utility Hooks

Hose Pipe holder Slatwall Accessory

Deep utility hooks provide wider volume capacity to hang hefty objects. Protect garden hoses and power cords on these hooks. Some deep utility hooks hold enough weight to store foldable patio furniture.

Tool Organizers

Tool Holder Slatwall Accessory

Tool organizers provide a polished solution for organizing your tools within reach. You can either furnish your Slatwall with a magnetic toolbar or opt for a rack system. Use organizers to store your wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and other hand tools.


Basket Slatwall Accessory

Wire and mesh baskets create a snug spot for any object you can’t hang on a hook. You can find baskets in assorted sizes and heights, ranging from shallow to deep. You may want to use baskets for any workshop tools you want to keep close.

Pro-Tip: Before you buy any accessories, plan your Slatwall layout in advance. You'll have better direction for your design.


Slatwall systems renovate your garage storage without requiring much effort from you. Understand how it may work for your garage, then consider specific differences to factor into your decision. Once you’ve done your preliminary work, plan your new accessory collection and build your brand new storage space.


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