Do Closet Organizers Make a Good Holiday Gift?

Do Closet Organizers Make a Good Holiday Gift?

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It’s that time of the year again! As businesses put up holiday lights and flip to the last page of our calendars, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy the people in our lives for holiday gifts. Whether you know someone who already has everything or you and your partner have decided to start some home improvements this year in lieu of traditional gifts, you might wonder whether custom closet organizers would make a good present. A custom closet system might not be the first thing you think of when you make your holiday list, but we think they do make good gifts. Read on to find out why.

Walk In Custom Closet System

Better Organization Can Last for Many Years

Most people want to live in a neat and organized home. If you or your loved one lacks adequate storage space, however, that makes it difficult to put everything away, which often leads to clutter overload. Living in a cluttered environment is not relaxing for anyone. Custom closet organizers can bring a breath of fresh air to a home in the sense that there is a place for every item. Then, every item can be put away, which clears off surfaces and makes those in the home feel better. This can even lead to more effort being put into decorating. In time, the home can look completely different and function in a new, more organized way!

The best thing about all of these changes is that they can last for years--even decades. Helping someone to get into the habit of putting everything away is impossible if there isn’t enough storage space, so adding that storage space opens up a lot of opportunities. Closet accessories are not limited to bedroom closets, either. They can be used in linen closets, entryway closets, a mudroom, the garage, the home officethe kitchen pantry, and much more. This allows the gift recipient to become more organized in any area of the home.

Your Recipient’s House Value Can Go Up

Investing in someone’s future would almost always be seen and appreciated as a tremendous gift. That is what you are doing when you choose to gift someone with a home improvement, particularly one that can raise the value of their home.

Custom closets not only make it possible for someone to ask for a higher purchase price when the time comes to sell but they also can make it faster and easier to sell the home. This is for several reasons:

• Buyers are drawn to homes with adequate storage space.

• Buyers like it when items are put away and the homes they are considering look neat and tidy.

• Buyers look for homes that have been maintained, and non-essential upgrades are one clue that essential upgrades have also been done.

• Sellers can quickly get their homes ready to show because they have a place for each item.

• Sellers can stack boxes of personal items in the custom closet system

• Real estate agents often like to see that a home is well-organized and does not require a lot of tidying as part of the staging process.

Small Custom Closet System

Smoother Mornings Can Be an Excellent Gift

Mornings are often chaotic, particularly in busy families where there are several children or family members who need to all get out the door within a relatively short period of time. Custom closets are one tool that can help people get themselves and their kids ready to go in the morning.

Whether the gift recipient is yourself or someone else, think about how much easier life would be if the children in the home could take their own pre-picked-out clothing out of their closets and get dressed to the extent of their own ability. Children’s custom closets are fully adjustable, so they can be made to suit the size and ability level of a preschooler and then grow along with the child to be appropriate for a preteen or teenager when the time comes. This can lead to a decade or more of smoother mornings, which is a gift not only to the child but also to his or her parents.

A Custom Closet Design Is Luxurious

Are you looking for a way to pamper someone with a custom-designed organization system that is built specifically for their belongings and the way they live? A custom closet system fits the bill and will last a lot longer and get more use than a custom-designed outfit or something similar. 

From thick, sturdy shelves to smooth drawers in a wide variety of finishes, a custom closet, even one that was built with economy in mind, is quite the luxury. Adding a few special details like shoe racks, double-hung clothing rods, specialty hangers, a locking jewelry tray, and a valet rod all up the wow factor, too. You’ve seen custom closets on television shows... imagine gifting someone special a closet system that they might have only seen on TV! 

Even outside of the bedroom closet, your recipient is likely to find a custom home office, a garage organization system, or a custom laundry room to be an amazing gift that feels quite luxurious and wonderful.

If you are in the Phoenix area and you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone special, consider investing in custom closets. Contact Dream Closets to schedule their free in-home consultation so they can get exactly the organization system they need and desire.

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