Can Custom Closets Add Resale Value to a Home?

Can Custom Closets Add Resale Value to a Home?


If you are considering putting your home up for sale, it means putting every nook and cranny of it under a microscope. Everyone in the buying and selling process, from the realtor and potential buyers to the appraiser and the home inspector, will be evaluating every last square inch of your home to determine its value. If you’re selling your home, you may be wondering if a custom closet can boost its resale value.

The answer is yes. Having a custom closet will add instant resale value to your home by:

  • Allowing potential buyers to easily organize and find all of their items
  • Making a spare room into an additional bedroom
  • Creating a sense of space, even if your home is on the smaller side
  • Adding aesthetic and functionality to any room of your home

Let’s thoroughly explore how a custom closet can instantly increase your home’s curb appeal.

Keeping Tidy, Organized Closets Allows Buyers to Envision Adding Their Own Possessions

Custom Walk In Closet System

If you’ve ever gone house hunting for the perfect new home, you’ve probably envisioned how all of your items, and your life, could look in the new house. You may have wandered from room to room and silently decorated the space with your own décor.

However, when you go to open up the closet in the master bedroom, you’re greeted with a mound of dust bunnies and some old metal hangers dangling from the pole. The closet is ugly, disorderly, and dirty.

How can you ever keep your clothes in a closet that messy?

If you add a custom closet to your master bedroom and ensure that it’s immaculate during the showings, it will be extremely impactful on potential buyers. It’s almost like a clean slate and a fresh start and helps the buyer envision where they’d store their clothing, shoes, and other items.

If the buyer can see themselves and all of their items in your home, they may be more likely to buy it.

A Custom Closet Could Transform an Unused Room into an Additional Bedroom

Concrete Color Flat Panel Custom Closet System

When searching for a new home, shoppers want more bang for their buck. This is especially true when it comes to young couples, looking to start a family and settle down. They’re on the lookout for a home with a large number of rooms for their future children.

Other homebuyers might want an additional bedroom to use as an office, rec room, or man cave.

While you can’t go adding costly additions and rooms to your house willy-nilly, you could transform an unused room in your home into an extra bedroom by adding a custom closet to it.

This will open your home up to an entirely new audience who wouldn’t otherwise have shown interest in your property because its room count didn’t fall into their search specifications.

Gives the Illusion of More Space

White Custom Closet System

Is your home on the smaller side of the spectrum? Perhaps this is why you decided to invest in custom closets in the first place, in order to utilize every inch of your space.

A productive home that makes good use of every inch of space can be just as appealing as a larger one, or even more so. Custom closets can create the illusion of more space because they ingeniously use every available inch of space your home has to offer.

During house tours, don’t be surprised if potential buyers spend way more time investigating your custom closets than they do surveying your kitchen. They’re probably just marveling at the excellent craftsmanship and how roomy your custom closet looks and feels.

An Instant Boost of Beauty

Small Reach In Custom Closet System

The drawers, knobs, and finishes of a custom closet all add instant aesthetic to your home. If your home is beautiful and eye-catching, potential buyers know that you have gone the extra mile to keep it in great condition.

Custom closets are available in a wide array of colors, durable materials, and finishes that cater to any style under the sun. Potential buyers will appreciate how your custom closet enhances the look and feel of your entire home.

Some Additional Practical Selling Points of Custom Closets

Licorice Color Custom Closet System

As you can see, you’re definitely getting an ROI of 100% when you invest in a custom closet. However, custom closets also offer practical selling points too.

While not everyone uses the kitchen for cooking every day, folks need to get dressed daily and be able to find their clothing and accessories effortlessly.

Closets are the highest demand spaces in houses. Not only do people store their wardrobes in there, but they also stash a variety of other items. A custom closet can keep everything organized.

A custom closet can give a home that “move-in-ready” quality that  buyers are searching for.

A Custom Closet Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Small Custom Closet System

If you are considering putting your house on the market, why not instantly boost its value with a custom closet? Not only can it turn an unused room into an additional bedroom, but it can also add beauty and give the illusion of more space in smaller homes.

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