Are Kids’ Custom Closets Worth the Expense?

Are Kids’ Custom Closets Worth the Expense?

Kids Custom Closet System Installation

You already know many of the benefits of custom closets: You can keep your clothing looking nicer longer, you might be able to get out of the house more easily, and they can even raise the value of your home when you put it on the market. But what about children’s closets? Are kids’ custom closets worth the expense?

At Dream Closets, we want homeowners to know all about the benefits of kids’ closets so they can make the decision that works best for them. Read on to learn more about why kids’ closets just might be worth the investment.

Childs Custom Closet System

Kids’ Custom Closets Help With Routines

Every parent has had the experience of needing to leave the house at a certain time, being 30 seconds from that precise time, and having a child emerge from their bedroom in clothing that is wildly inappropriate for the weather or for the occasion. Or even worse, they might come out partially dressed because they can’t find their pants or their left shoe. As frustrating as this type of chaos is, it’s also not uncommon when children of any age don’t have a good organization system in their bedrooms.

Children’s custom closets provide that organization system. When a child knows that his or her shirts are kept on this shelf and the jackets are all hanging on this rod and the shoes are in this rack, it’s easy to get dressed. You can put outfits together ahead of time so all your little one has to do is grab one hanger or open one drawer and put the clothes on. No more sweaters in July or putting together silly combinations for serious events.

Children Can Learn How to Stay Neat and Tidy

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of having good organization in your child’s bedroom is that it will help teach him or her how to keep the area neat and tidy. It is difficult for young children to hang up clothes on adult-sized hanging rods. For many children, even grappling with hangers can be a challenge. This can cause them to simply toss clothes on the floor or to hang them so haphazardly that they end up falling off of the hangers. None of this helps to teach them how to care for their belongings.

When you show your child how to hang up things on a child-friendly hanging rod that is installed at the correct height, he or she will have plenty of practice by the time the rod is raised back up to its adult level. Children’s closets are also designed to be kid-friendly in other ways: Your child might do better with hooks installed on the wall to hang up certain items or with drawers or bins to hold clothing and accessories. You can add labels with illustrations if your child isn’t reading yet. You will see the fruit of your efforts in the coming years when you no longer have to coach your child to put his or her things away properly.

Not sure how to teach keep your child’s closet organized? S&S Cabinets, a closet company in Fremont, California, has some excellent tips in their article, “How to Get Kids’ Closets Organized.”

Custom Kids Small Closet System

Children’s Closets Are Fully Adjustable

You might balk at investing in children’s closets because, understandably, you realize that your child will not be small forever. What will happen when he or she outgrows the closet system?

Custom closet systems for children are designed to be fully adjustable. Hanging rods can be raised, cubbies can be transitioned into shelves or drawers, and shelves can be moved up so they are at the right height for a teenager or adult. And once your adult child moves out of your house, you will still be able to use the closet for whatever you choose.

Kids’ Closets Might Be Less Expensive Than You Think

If you have looked into the cost of a walk-in custom closet, you might not want to spend that much on your child’s closet. The good news is that you don’t usually have to. Keep in mind that the larger a closet is, the more it will cost to customize. Children’s closets are generally smaller than those found in master bedrooms, so that alone will help keep the price down.

Remember, as well, that the types of closet accessories you choose will also help determine the price. Since children do not generally require things like jewelry trays, custom closet cabinets, an island in the closet, belt racks, and some of the other high-end accessories that an adult might choose, their closets tend to be less expensive to customize. Most kids’ closets will have one or two hanging rods, shelves, perhaps cubbies or bins, maybe some hooks, and possibly a few other accessories that you or they choose. We are, of course, able to make your child’s closet as lavish as you desire, but if you are watching your budget, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we can accomplish in a child’s reach-in closet.

Kids Custom Closets

Your Consultation and Design Appointment Are Free

With Dream Closets, your initial consultation and closet design appointment is free and comes with no obligation. One of our closet organizers will come out to your house at a convenient time to talk to you about what you envision for your child’s closet. We’ll talk about how old the child is, how their needs will likely change in the upcoming years, and how we can make it as easy as possible for your child to use now and in the future. From there, you can schedule your installation when you are ready. Contact Dream Closets today to learn more about our children’s closets and the other products we carry.

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