Can Garage Cabinets Keep Your Garage Organized?

Can Garage Cabinets Keep Your Garage Organized?

Custom Garage Cabinet Installation

When you think about adding organizational components to your garage, you might think about workbenches, storage racks, and shelves. Although it’s true that all of those components can be really helpful for organizing your garage, too, you shouldn’t forget about cabinets. Even though you might have thought that cabinets belong in the kitchen or bathroom rather than in your garage, garage cabinets can be surprisingly useful for organizational purposes.

Granite Powder Coated Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets Conceal the Clutter

If you are someone who would rather keep your clutter behind closed doors, garage cabinets might be perfect for you. Unlike with pegboards and open shelving, you don’t have to worry about all of your items being on display for everyone to see. Instead, you can keep everything neatly concealed with the help of garage cabinets, which can instantly make your space look nicer and neater.

They Maximize Your Storage Space

Even though your garage might be spacious, you might not have a ton of room for storing your necessities. If you park your vehicles in your garage, for example, you might have found that there isn’t much room left for storing tools, lawn and garden equipment and other items.

Garage cabinets can help you maximize your storage space. Lower cabinets can be installed on the walls to make cleaning underneath them easier, and you can maximize your vertical space by installing upper cabinets. If you want to, you can install garage cabinets on more than one wall in your garage so that you will have even more room for storage, all while still leaving plenty of room to park your cars.

Custom Garage Cabinets and Slatwall Organizers

They Make it Possible to Secure Your Belongings

If you are worried about valuable items -- such as tools -- being stolen from your garage, then you might not like the not-so-secure storage methods that you might be using right now. Garage cabinets can help with this.

As mentioned above, your items will be concealed when they are kept in your garage cabinets. Not only does this help with cutting down on the appearance of clutter and making your garage look nicer but it can also help you keep your belongings safe. After all, if a would-be thief can’t see what you have in your garage, the idea of stealing something out of your garage might not be as tempting.

If you would like to take things a step further, you can even put locks on your garage cabinet doors. Then, you can feel even more peace of mind about your items staying secure.

They Make the Garage Safer for Your Children

If you have kids, you might worry about them getting hurt in your garage. After all, the garage can be a pretty hazardous place for little ones. Not only might you worry about them falling and hurting themselves on your hard garage floor or being injured by your garage door, but you might also be concerned about them playing with dangerous tools or getting into toxic chemicals.

Garage cabinets can help with some of these problems. If you stash dangerous items in the upper cabinets in your garage, then you don’t have to worry about them being grabbed by little hands.

Custom Garage Storage System

They Can Be Organized in Many Ways

The new cabinets that you have installed in your garage can be used as-is. If you’d like to make the most of them, though, you can look into various ways of organizing them.

For example, small hooks can be installed on the inside of your cabinet doors for hanging small items like paint brushes. You can use stacking bins inside your cabinets to double or triple your storage space. In addition, small jars or containers can be used for storing screws, nails and other small items that are stored inside your garage cabinets. You can use many of the tips and tricks that you might use for organizing your bathroom or kitchen cabinets to keep your garage cabinets neat, clean and functional.

They Work Well With Other Organizational Components

Garage cabinets work well with other organizational components. Even though garage cabinets are useful for storage overall, you may also want to install a workbench so that you can work on projects or you might want to have a slatwall system installed so that you can hang hand tools within easy reach. Cabinets can be installed around all of these garage organizers so that you will have a fully functional storage system.

Garage Cabinets with Slatwall Organizers

They Add a High-End Look

When you think about the most beautiful parts of your Arizona home, you probably don’t think about your garage. However, your garage does not have to be unattractive. Once you clean up any clutter that’s in your garage, you might find that it instantly looks better. Adding the right organizational tools can make your garage look great, too.

For example, if you choose the right garage cabinets, they can add a stunning look to this area of your home. If you love a traditional look, you can opt for woodgrain. If you’d like a sleek, modern look, you can choose from powder coated, matte or metallic garage cabinets in different colors. No matter what type of look you are envisioning for your garage, the right cabinets can help.

They’re Easy to Clean

Dirt, motor oil and other messes can be a problem in your garage. Garage cabinets that are painted or powder-coated are easy to keep clean. High-quality garage cabinets can last for a long time with minimal maintenance; just wipe them down from time to time to keep them looking good and to prevent dirt and grease from building up.

They Help Boost Your Home’s Value

In addition to providing help with organizing your garage, garage cabinets provide other perks, too. Just as having custom closets inside your home can help you boost your home’s value, installing garage cabinets -- as well as other organizational components, such as shelving, overhead storage racks, and workbenches -- can help you boost your home’s value, too.

If you want to completely redesign your garage while making organization easy, contact Dream Closets today. One of our designers would love to sit down with you to talk about your budget and organizational goals.

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