6 Tips To Help You Prepare for a Custom Closet Installation

6 Tips To Help You Prepare for a Custom Closet Installation

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So you’ve decided to install a custom closet system and soon you will have a beautiful, new and functional addition to your home. The installation date has been scheduled and all you need to do now is get prepared for your wonderful new closet. To get the best out of your custom closet installation, there are some essential things you can get done before the installers arrive. Here are some great tips to make sure your closet installation runs smoothly and gives you the finish and function you desire.


What You Need To Prepare For A Custom Closet Installation

You want to make sure your space has been adequately prepared for your new custom closet. Not only will you need to empty your old closet but it is also the perfect time to consider upgrading or refreshing the corresponding areas to get the most out of your new installation.


1. Organize, Declutter & Donate

If you are installing a brand new custom closet, a blank wall free of any obstruction is required to do the installation efficiently. Be sure to remove any wall hooks, shelves, pictures, and other items from the area. If you are upgrading an old closet you will need to remove all your personal items from your closet. This is an excellent opportunity to organize all your clothes, shoes, bags, knick-knacks and other belongings that have been buried in there. Create 3 categories; keep, throw away/repurpose, donate.

2. Paint

If you wish to give your closet area a facelift or recolor the paint on the closet wall or surrounding walls, it is recommended to do so a minimum of two days prior to the installation.  This allows adequate time for the paint to dry and cure. Painting a contrast color to harmonize with the style of your new closet system will give your custom closet a great new look.

3. Flooring Upgrade:

This is the best time to replace, upgrade or refresh your flooring. Whatever flooring you have in the closet will be a labour intensive process to change it after the closet has been installed. If choosing to keep your present flooring, it is a good idea to make sure it is has been cleaned before the installation begins.

4. Playdate Your Dependants  

The workers will need to be able to move materials back and forth from outside to the construction area so if you have pets or small children, it would be a good time to arrange a play date for them at a friend’s or family’s home, or even a day care service to keep them out of harm’s way whilst construction is underway.

5. Add Some Style and Flair

This is a great time to add, upgrade or change the design theme in your room. If you are having a walk-in closet installed and would like to make the space a little more personal, then try adding some color and finishing touches like a chair, a rug, perhaps a footstool and a cushion or two. It is also a great time to consider replacing your old clothes hangers with some new ones to create that showroom look.

6. Celebrate Your New Closet!

Once your new closet system is installed, grab the champagne because it’s time to celebrate the new addition! Now you get to decide how you would like to organize everything. This is the really fun part! Arranging your clothes by color and season is a fantastic way to start organizing your closet. Give yourself plenty of time so you can set it up perfectly to suit your lifestyle. Enjoy the process and make it fun! You now have a beautiful and brand new closet system to enjoy AND keep you clutter-free.


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